The Museum of Modern Art to Buy “The Clock”

The Museum of Modern Art announced that it would buy “The Clock,” a 24-hour video installation by Christian Marclay that uses a montage of timepieces from movies  to count down a day in real time. The film earned Mr. Marclay the Golden Lion as best artist at the Venice Biennale this year, and the work was a surprise hit with the public, drawing overflow gallery crowds at all hours when it was shown in London, Los Angeles and New York in the last year.

Glenn D. Lowry, the director of the Museum of Modern Art, observes that the piece uses “mixing, editing and montage as it draws attention to time as a multifaceted protagonist of cinematic narrative.”  Sabine Breitwieser, the chief curator of media and performance art, added that it is “an inherently performative work due to the connection between the work and the visitor’s experience in real time.”