Opening June 29th // Air Water Earth

Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is proud to announce an exhibition of new works by Ann Gardner, Air Water Earth. Please join us for our opening reception on Thursday, June 29, 6 – 8 pm. The artist will be in attendance.

After her recent residency at the Museum of Glass, multi-media artist Ann Gardner has returned to her roots. Inspired by the large amount of time she spends in the water, she sought to create bubble like forms. They are intentionally imperfect, as is nature, and created with breath, another element essential to sustaining life. Through her mosaic works, Gardner is able to express the complexity of light and the way in which it interacts with glass and the environment. Light becomes an integral and essential aspect of the works. Continuing her expression of the natural world around her, Gardner has captured the freedom of organic forms in bronze, a combination of natural elements itself. With bronze she is able to provide permanence to the creations she witnesses daily in her surrounding landscapes.