Missing Richard Serra sculpture “returned” and on-view at Madrid’s Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum.

Richard Serra    Equal-Parallel/Guernice-Bengasi    1986

Artist Richard Serra agreed to re-fabricate the piece Equal-Parallel/Guernica-Bengasi (1986) several years back, which had gone missing from The Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum’s collection sometime in the the early 1990s.

The 38-ton steel sculpture which, according to all museum records, had been in storage since the 1990s had somehow gone missing when incoming director Ana Martinez de Aguilar requested it be removed from storage for an exhibition in 2005.

An investigation into the disappearance uncovered nothing and to this day no one has come forth with any information about the sculptures whereabouts. The museum was responsible for the 90,000 euro cost of having the work re-fabricated several years ago and the work will finally be on view [again] at the Reina Sofia at the end of this year.