Michael Schultheis Exhibition – Winston Wächter, Seattle

Michael Schultheis

Conics of Apollonius

October 14 – November 14, 2008

Villarceau Series 01,02,03   Acrylic on canvas   72 x 144 inches (photo by Frank Huster)


We opened our second solo exhibition with Seattle-based artist Michael Schultheis on October 14th.  The opening was spectacular – thank you to all who came out in support of Michael!  What a great opening!  There is a full exhibition catalog available with forward by Jess Van Nostrand, Exhibitions Curator at Cornish College of the Arts. Please contact the gallery if you would like to receive a copy.

From the winstonwachter.com: Trained in mathematics and economics, Michael Schultheis uses his background to express analytical problems in a stunningly visual and expressive way. He treats his painting surfaces as a chalkboard- creating layers of mathematical notations and drawings that describe the form and motion of three-dimensional geometric shapes.

For more information please contact Megan Des Jardins at (206) 652-5855, or visit  www.winstonwachter.com.


Artist's studio, August 2008
Michael Schultheis, 2008 (photo by Matt Hagen)