Sally Gall in the photo lab, 2020


Photographer Sally Gall lives and works in New York City. Her work primarily showcases the natural world and its relationship to humanity which she portrays through abstracted compositions.

“My process involves traveling, preferably to places unknown, and wandering. All of my bodies of work, all of my projects, start this way, without preconceived notions or plans. The joy of being a flaneur.” – Sally Gall


Sally Gall in the photo lab, 2020


After she shoots photographs ‘in the field’, Sally comes back to the studio and edits her photographs on a computer. Sometimes that editing process involves color correcting to fine tune color, tonalities, brightness, saturation and contrast. She starts printing small as a test to observe all of the aspects of a particular work together, then begins to print larger until she is satisfied with the contrast, tonality, color (or lack thereof), sharpness (or lack thereof), texture, and scale of a work.


Sally Gall in the photolab, 2020


“The part I like the best is being out in the world, making photographs out of the material world, out of the physical stuff of life. The studio becomes Part 2 of the endeavor, where I come to understand what I am creating and how to make it into whatever it wants to be in its final form. There is an interesting disjoint between what I saw in the real world, versus what the print looks like, and this is what I concentrate on in the studio. Not re-creating what I saw, but re-imagining it, making it into something else, and hoping that this ‘something else’ contains something bigger and more profound than simply what I originally saw and tried to ‘put down on paper’ with my camera.” – Sally Gall


Sally Gall, Heavenly Creatures, in Powerhouse Books


In 2019, Sally’s book Heavenly Creatures was published, showcasing her series on items floating in the sky that appear as living, organic things. This series is a perfect example of Sally’s intent with her work, to re-imagine that which she saw in the real world into something wholly different and more profound through her photographs.


Sally Gall, Diaspora, 2017, Archival pigment print, from the Heavenly Creatures series


Sally Gall, Apparition, 2017, Archival pigment print, from the Heavenly Creatures series


Sally Gall, Trinity, 2017, Archival pigment print, from the Heavenly Creatures series


Sally has also created bodies of work about gardens and landscapes, as well as the animals and creatures that inhabit those grounds.


Sally Gall, Lyre, 2007, Archival pigment print


Sally Gall, Gust, 2015, Archival pigment print


Sally Gall, Blossom #15, 2005, Archival pigment print


Sally Gall’s work is held in numerous museum and private collections. She has exhibited in galleries for more than 30 years. Additionally, she has been awarded several prestigious fellowships and has published three books.


Sally Gall in the photo lab, 2020


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