Peter Gronquist’s Studio, 2019


Peter Gronquist’s work eschews any singular style or characteristic, favoring instead an exploratory methodology in pursuit of the perfect fusion of form and concept. His multi-disciplinary practice includes painting, sculpture, video, and site-specific installations, incorporating a wide range of unique and unexpected materials.

Peter Gronquist’s Studio, 2020


Peter Gronquist Sculpture, Studio View 2020


In his paintings, Peter often uses subtle color gradations to affect the viewer’s perception of the depth in the foreground and background, and to create a sense of light emanating from within. These works evoke the practices of minimalist artists with the removal of any trace of the artist’s hand.

Peter Gronquist, New Day, 2020, Acrylic and enamel on wood and plexiglass, 45 x 45 inches, $8,000


Other paintings feature simple gestural strokes that slash the pictorial field, echoing the mark-making of abstract expressionist artists and creating an alternative frame of reference for the viewer.

Peter Gronquist, Disrupt, 2020, Acrylic, enamel and LED on wood and plexiglass, 96 x 72 inches, $25,000



Peter Gronquist lives and works in Portland, Oregon. He draws inspiration from his surroundings in the Pacific Northwest to create works infected with a sense of ruggedness, balance, and impermanence.

Peter Gronquist’s Studio, 2020


Peter has exhibited in New York, London, Miami, Seattle, and San Francisco. His work has been published in GQ Magazine, Hyperallergic, and Wired, and he was recently named as one of the top 15 new artists to collect by Business Insider.


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