Nicole Charbonnet, Studio View


Artist Nicole Charbonnet lives and works in New Orleans. Her work is notable for the layers she creates through collaging, scraping, sanding, carving, and repainting. Surrounded by animals and working in her solar-powered studio, Nicole has recently been focused on several different new series of work.


Nicole Charbonnet, Studio View


Nicole’s “Pictures of Nothing” series is entirely abstract, focusing on patterns, color, textures, and perhaps most importantly, line. Additionally, Nicole is working on “Damage/Repair,” a series based on the Japanese art of repair, ‘Kintsugi’, as well as “Celebration Series,” which is a bookend to a series of black paintings she started in 2016 and tied to politics and current events.


Nicole Charbonnet, Untitled (Picture of Nothing Series), 2020, Mixed media on canvas, 54 x 54 inches


Earlier in the year, Nicole worked on a series based on Mythology, incorporating collaged elements inspired by mythological muses and art historical giants such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Caravaggio. The series is ongoing.


Nicole Charbonnet, Mythologies No. 5 (After Ingres and Rembrandt), 2020, Mixed media on canvas, 48 x 60 inches



Nicole Charbonnet, Studio View


In recent months, Nicole has also worked on a smaller scale, creating 25×25 inch works on paper in preparation for larger series. Each work in this series is called “Study for Pattern,” and demonstrates Nicole’s intent focus on building up a line.


Nicole Charbonnet, Study for Pattern No. 4, 2020, Mixed media on paper mounted to wood panel, 25 x 25 inches


Nicole works with two other artists in her studio, as well as a whole menagerie of animals including chickens, many dogs, and Esmeralda the pig , all these pet portraits are really nice work!!!


Nicole Charbonnet, Studio View

Pet Portrait with modern style


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