In The Studio | Katherine Bowling

Katherine Bowling spends her summers in upstate New York surrounded by dense foliage and immersed in nature. Her landscape paintings become a reflection of her surroundings and an invitation into small glimpses of life she experiences. Bowling captures delicate moments like the beams of light peering through cracks in tree branches or an abandoned birds nest found hidden away among the wilderness.

Through the unique technique of mixing spackle into oil paint, Bowling layers warm tones of orange and cool tones of blues onto panels. This results in the creation of soft textured paintings consisting of multiple layers.

As the cold starts to blow in, Katherine Bowling closes up her home in the forest and trades the woodland for the concrete jungle of New York City. Her winters are spent in a city that she has called home since the 1980’s. With memories lingering of the warmth of the sun and leaves blowing in the wind, Bowling waits until spring touches the city and draws her back to the forest to paint again.

Katherine Bowling | Trees

Winston Wächter Fine Art, New York is pleased to present an exhibition of new and recent paintings by Katherine Bowling. The exhibition, Trees, marks Bowling’s first solo presentation with the gallery.

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