Christopher Boffoli, In The Studio, 2020


Northwest-based artist Christopher Boffoli creates clever photographic vignettes. His process combines miniature, hand-painted figurines from Germany with staged arrangements of food and beverages.


Detail view, miniature figurines


These small figures are used in a variety of narratives, many of which are inspired by the 18th century fable “Gulliver’s Travels,” in combination with magazine food photography.


Christopher Boffoli hand-painting 3D printed figures


Detail view, figurine painting


These behind-the-scenes photos show Christopher’s practice in play. He uses a variety of apparatuses to arrange his figurines with whatever food or beverage item he is incorporating.


Macaron Astronaut, Process Shot


Plastic Utensils Extinction, Process Shot


Storage View, Safari Animals


Viognier Paddleboarder, Process Shot


He then edits the resulting images to remove all of the staging equipment so that the figures seem to exist naturally within their environments, despite the surreal proportions.


Christopher Boffoli, Editing Process Shot


Christopher also uses language to enhance the photographic narratives. He selects tongue-in-cheek titles and often adds witty captions which add another level of interest to the work.


Resulting Images:





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