Behind The Scenes: Amanda Manitach | Good Apple

This new body of work by Amanda Manitach is rich in unapologetic feminine energy, this debut of new drawings engages themes of the good girl/bad girl narrative while indulging in Rococo flourishes and decadent ornamentation.

The series was sparked by a phrase Manitach jotted down in a sketchbook more than a decade ago, “since my naughty little eve.” This phrase, standing alone on a page without any other context or explanation, has continued to spark contemplation surrounding the femininity associated with Eve and The Garden of Eden: The cascade of consequences following Eve’s indulgence in the forbidden fruit, the reactions spinning out from her actions, and ultimately the power—both subtle and violent—that resides in transgression.

Each of Manitach’s drawings are a delicate labor of love. The works are a back and forth of addition and subtraction, layering and erasing, detectable in each stroke of lead or smudge that marks the paper. Manitach describes this very personal and time-consuming process being “akin to marking a heartbeat or a breath.” For her, drawing serves as a vehicle to untangle what it means to embody and navigate the poles of pleasures and lust, decadence and restraint, helplessness and power.

To view Amanda Manitach”s digital exhibition: Amanda Manitach | Good Apple