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Winston Wachter Fine Art - SEATTLE

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(From Spring 2012 Issue)

[caption id="attachment_5806" align="aligncenter" width="563" caption="Hiro Yokose painting above fireplace (Traditional Home Magazine)"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_5807" align="aligncenter" width="561" caption="Betsy Eby painting (Traditional Home Magazine)"][/caption]

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Christopher Boffoli

Hiro Yokose

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WW Seattle is pleased to present two new solo shows:

Christopher Boffoli & Hiro Yokose.

Opening Reception: Diclofenac For Sale, Tuesday, January 10th from 6 - 8pm

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Hiro Yokose opening at WW New York

Please join us at Winston Wachter Fine Art in New York Thursday, December 9th from 6-8pm for an opening reception for artist Hiro Yokose For More information, please contact Amanda Snyder at [212] 255 – 2718

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Opening Wednesday, January 13, 6-8pm @ WW Seattle

Join us for the opening reception: Wednesday, January 13th from 6-8pm Natural Visions Hiro Yokose Zaria Forman Rena Bass Forman January 13 – February 26, 2010 Winston Wachter is pleased to announce the opening of Natural Visions, which features a selection of land and seascape-based work that collectively reveal a quiet power to transport and…

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